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Appraisal Fees

Kurt Teeters Allied Gem Appraisers Ltd.
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Fee chart for a single item appraisal based on the weight of the center diamond.

Weighing up to .99 carat$80
From 1.00 carat to 1.49 carat$100
From 1.50 carat to 1.99 carat$120
From 2.00 carat to 2.49 carat$150
From 2.50 carat to 2.99 carat$175
From 3.00 carat to 3.49 carat$200
From 3.50 carat to 3.99 carat$250

A typical multiple item appraisal will only cost an additional $50 for each extra piece.

Appraisals can be more or less expensive depending on the complexity of the jewelry or individual circumstances.

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